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Find sites relating to the rules and etiquette for the game of golf. Sites that may be included may deal with definitions of the rules, guides to etiquette, and explanation of rulings, amongst other things.

Ask Linda: Golf Rules You Can Understand
Linda Miller answers questions from her readers about golf rules
Free Drop
This blog closed February 2011 and all pages deleted.
Golf Rules Discussion
A forum started by Don Lilley for asking questions or discussing aspects of the Rules of Golf.
Information, tips, comments and answers to questions on golf rules in Danish.
Historical Rules of Golf Pages
A useful resource for students of the Rules of Golf and anyone interested in the history of the game.
Keepers of the Game
An association to enhance the core values of golf with particular emphasis on etiquette.
Metropolitan Golf Association
Metropolitan Golf Association Website - Select Tournaments & Rules / Rules for Annual Rules Quiz (for advanced Rules experts) and Rules of Golf Videos.
Mr. Golf Etiquette
Features several articles on the basics of good golf etiquette. Also includes related links and a monthly golf etiquette game.
Questions on the Rules of Golf
A promotional site for a book containing 999 Questions on the Rules of Golf. with sample Q&As.
Regler för Golfspel 2008-2011
The Rules of Golf, as published by the R&A, in Swedish
Rules of Golf
Barry Rhodes weekly blog contains information for golfers of all abilities who wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of the rules. Barry is the author of the book '999 Questions on the Rules of Golf''.
Rules of Golf | forums.iseekgolf.com
Iseekgolf.com - An Australasian golf site with several discussion forums
Stableford (understand and calculate)
This site helps golfers to calculate the stableford points on a played round and to better understand the concept of stableford. More then 300 clubs are online.
Ten Commandments of Golf Etiquette
A lighthearted way of alerting golfers to good manners on the golf course.
The Backspin Forums - The Rules of Golf
An interactive forum for resolving issues on the Rules. The forum content may be viewed by anyone, but registration (free) is required to post.
The Essentials of Golf
The Essentials of Golf DVD teaches the traditions and etiquettes practiced in the game of golf, golf lessons, rules of golf and golf etiquette.
The Leith Society - Rules & History of Golf
Discussion groups and resources for those that are interested in the Rules of Golf.
The Official Publication of the Metropolitan Golf Association
Links to several interesting articles and quizzes on the Rules of Golf from past editions of The Met Golfer magazine.
The Rules of Golf Illustrated by Fabio Bensaja - FREE ONLINE
The Rules of Golf Illustrated by Fabio Bensaja FREE ONLINE. You can interact with rules of golf illustrated wherever you are, also during your game.
Miscellaneous information on the Rules of Golf. Particularly useful for those studying to be Rules officials.
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